Assigned incorrect meter on account

I’ve just switched to bulb. My gas meter number has been transferred correctly, however the elec meter has a different meter/serial number.

I was previously with EDF and both meters were assigned to the same house number. Do you know of a reason why when transferring, bulb now have a different meter number for my elec? (I think the meter number they have added to my account is for the property upstairs.)

Has anyone has this issue? Is it easy to resolve? I don’t plan on paying for the elec in the flat above…

Hey @AliceG we’d be keen to check we have the correct meter for you. It’s not tricky for us to solve, all we need to know is the meter number that’s in your house. Simply drop us an email with a photo of your electricity meter, or better, a previous bill from your last provider. Our address is and we’ll do all the work.