Assumed Annual Consumption

I only switched from my previous energy suppliers to Bulb yesterday so other than my first readings which I supplied about a week ago it would be difficult at present to build up a picture of my future consumptions. I have no problems with that.

Just looking at my Account and Tariff Information page, I can see a figure for Assumed Annual Consumption for my gas but not for my electricity is this something that will be shown in due course?

Also the Estimated Annual Cost is showing possible half of what I reckon it should be…

When you applied did you not supply a yearly figure of either consumption or value? Failing that I believe they can access historical records for the information. It would be possible to apply %s based on 1 months figures although not the best for accuracy.
In any case keep an eye on Bills and consumption and Bulb will adjust if necessary if you contact them.

Thanks for the input

I would think it is likely I supplied the kWH (not cost) figures for both gas and electricity when I joined Bulb, I would or should have used the same figures as inserted on the MSE comparison site which showed Bulb as the cheapest.

From the year dot I have retained spreadsheets of both my gas and electricity consumptions to make sure my Direct Debits balance out over the year, which I will do so for Bulb…

Hi @Allanr as @scudo mentioned we have access to some historical data. That annual consumption is a number we get in from the industry regulator when we take over your energy supply, based on your consumption over the last few years. It gets updated with every read you send us, so the more reads you get us the more accurate that number will get. It’s great to hear you’re so organised about your consumptions! Always best to keep an eye on these things