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been waiting for a code to be sent via email scince yesterday an now i have no gas is their available way to contact bulb unless its monday to friday

I can’t post a link but Google “Bulb emergency help” and you’ll find a page of information on the Bulb website.

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Thanks for your advice it was very helpfull and although was a lot of information im still no further ahead and still no gas the number on the page is incuse of emergency meaning the smell of gas etc
although its beginig to become an emergany as theirs no other way of my issue being resolved till monday APPALING CUSTOMER SERVICE

"If you email emergency@bulb.co.uk or fill in the emergency support form between 9am and 6pm (Monday to Sunday), we’ll reply within an hour. After 6pm, we’ll reply by:

  • 10am the next day if it’s a weekday
  • 11am the next day if it’s the weekend or a bank holiday"

Contact them by email as above or complete the form on that page you found before 6pm and you’ll get a reply within an hour.

Hi @Katrina5246

I’m really sorry you were left waiting for a code to get your gas back on supply. Were you able to get this sorted with our emergency team?

I’ve just messaged my colleague Ian that you were speaking to on Friday, and asked him to get back to you.

Thank you @norman7115 for helping out here.

– Meg :bulb: