Average monthly estimates...

Hi guys, all this is new to me having only just joined Bulb in September this year… I’m having trouble understanding my average monthly estimate of £57 because for the last 2 months I haven’t used all of my monthly payment of £42 which I signed up to pay for as we are low usage customers because of a logburner we have installed… The extra payment has been credited towards the following month which is great but now Bulb are saying that I must pay an extra £10 per month as £42 wont cover my usage when I haven’t gone over… As I said they say my average monthly estimate is £57 but also reckon I will use £559 for the year which still only works out at £46.58 a month anyway… COULD SOMEONE HELP ME OUT HERE as I feel like I’m being a bit thick !!! Cheers, Andy H.

Bulb will automatically call for increases to dd based on averages and winter usage, As it appears you are in control of your usage go to your account and you can adjust your dd to a level suitable to your usage, bear in mind you should stay ` months payment in advance.


You ain’t being thick.

In a nutshell from a fellow customer, if you have sufficient credit to pay one month in advance for your energy use then you can leave your monthly DD at £42. It is only suggested you increase your DD by £10.

Obviously if your credit isn’t sufficient to pay one month in advance then you will need to increase your DD or top up your account.