Average monthly usage

My average monthly usage is showing £131. My actual consumption looks lower than this, and my estimated annual cost is lower. Would you please advise how the Average monthly usage is calculated.

I have exactly the same issue. I am consciously and successfully saving energy. My monthly usage has stayed consistent and is much lower than your seasonal predictions. Yet, every month my “Average monthly usage” goes up incrementally, completely ignoring the trend I’m setting.
Where’s the algorithm that adjusts to my actual usage against each month’s prediction? This is lame. I’m disappointed. I’ve only just switched to Bulb and I’m not impressed.

Hi guys, what’s happening there is that our system is looking at your readings, and looking at the information we’ve received about the usage in your property over the last few years (such as the average yearly consumption) then averaging your usage over the course of a whole year. So your usage throughout the summer may be consistently lower than the average monthly usage showing, if we anticipate your usage going up quite a lot over the winter. As time goes on that average will get more and more accurate, once you’ve been with us through several seasons, as long as you’ve given us plenty of readings (which it sounds like you’re both doing, thanks)

So why is my average usage going up disproportionately even compared to original predictions, even though I am way BELOW original predictions for each of your calendar months? That makes absolutely NO SENSE based on what you’ve just said? Where’s the trend algorithm?

My estimated Average monthly usage in the statements section was £92 when I first started. It’s now £123.23, completely ignoring that I am using more than 1/3 less energy than what I’m paying. I’m +£100 in credit and still, you say “top up your balance”. Makes you look greedy. Why don’t you show that alert when I really need to increase my monthly payments?

You’re not making people feel good about saving energy. You’re just saying “don’t care about your current trend, we’re gonna get your money later!” It’s almost as if you were trying to recoup in the future what I’m saving right now.

I can see why there is some confusion. and agree with David_Stafford71 comment.

In my own “Payments & statements” page it says my Average monthly usage is £115.18, whilst

in my “Account & tariff Info” page it says Estimated Annual Cost £1178.00, which works out at £98.17 per monthly.

That is a difference of £17 per month between the two sets of figures. I wonder the reason for this difference.

To be honest I don’t actually use any of the figures as I keep my own spreadsheet of past energy usage so I can work out fairly accurately my future annual cost.

The assumed annual consumption showing on my “Account & tariff” page isn’t too far removed from my actual annual energy usage over the last three years when I was with my two previous suppliers.

I don’t take much notice of the estimated prices given, because they’re tariff dependent, but I do track consumption estimates. In July, after 16 months of unchanged estimated annual gas usage of 8,000kWh it suddenly jumped over 8% (for no immediately obvious reason), and has been bobbling around ever since.

I’m not sure I believe estimates are based on actual past usage. as the correlation is closer to estimates produced in months when no reading was supplied, and pretend daily consumption figures for periods when bills were grouped together for whatever spurious reason.

Do you track your actual energy usage (in kWh) over the last 12 months? If so is it comparable with the annual estimate usage?

I’m having problems with mine but not sure who to contact… was told I would be paying £85.00 but went up which I expected … I submitted meter readings and been told I have used £239.64 since the 1st Sept… safe to say I’m shocked is it possible to use that much in one month??

I'm having problems with mine but not sure who to contact.. was told I would be paying £85.00 but went up which I expected ... I submitted meter readings and been told I have used £239.64 since the 1st Sept.. safe to say I'm shocked is it possible to use that much in one month??

Your recent account which says you have used £239.64 does it show your submitted meter reading or estimated readings?

It shows my new readings and also my estimated from when I first signed up … but since I submitted my readings it went up by that amount.


OK, your best bet is to contact the Bulb Team direct by phone, email or chat via https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001240291-How-can-I-get-in-touch-with-Bulb-

This forum is customer to customer basis although the Bulb team do pop in on a regular basis.

Ahh ok thankyou will try that