Average Monthly Usage

Good morning,

When I checked my account on Monday the 1st October my average monthly usage was £57 per month. There has been no increase in my actual usage in September but when I checked my account today you have estimated my annual usage at over £69 an increase of £12 !! This is despite an increase in my credit balance also. Based on your assumptions this puts my estimated annual consumption at £832 which is way above anything that I would ever use.

Please can you justify how you have arrived at this revised estimate and prior to October’s statement being produced.

Thanks and look forward to your response.

I had the same situation in the last couple of days with my average monthly usage going up even though I hadn’t at that time received my bill but had sent off my meter readings a couple of days ago and just before my bill is was due to be prepared.

Basically the average monthly usage in £’s is based on an estimate of the energy you are going to use for the next 12 months (ideally based on the previous 12 months usage) and taking into account the unit costs for energy (not forgetting costs are rising on 11 November).

The average monthly usage in £’s does not take into account any credit you have. Any credit you have will or should be taken into account by the figures showing in the “Monthly payments” section on your “Payments & statements” page.

Do you know what your last 12 months usage was in kWh if so you can easily check what your average monthly usage in £’s should be by entering the information into Bulb’s quote page.

Personally I don’t take any notice of the average monthly usage on the Bulb page as I keep my own spreadsheet of past energy usage in kWh and apply the current unit rate costs and known increases plus the standing charges.

Thanks Allan,

I to keep a detailed spread sheet and know my annual consumption in kwh so know exactly what I use.
I know that credit is not catered for in the average estimate and is taken care in the monthly payments.
The average now quoted to me equates to £832 per annum but when I get a “quote” using my previous years known consumption this comes to £730. If I take into account my outstanding credit together with my monthly payments the calculation works out to £886 so some £156 over estimated.

I trust that Bulb will respond to this and in the meantime I thank you for taking the time to reply.


Hello Bulb team.

Can you please respond to this and clarify please?



Hi @stephenl sorry for the delay, this is more of a discussion forum than anything else so we don’t necessarily respond to queries here as fast as over email, chat or phone. I would say that this is because of a relatively recent change in your annual consumption (of gas, specifically). For every meter in the uk, there’s a government body that keeps up to date annual consumptions of gas and electricity (in kWh), which they provide to your new supplier when you switch over and which they update every time we send them one of your meter readings. We get updated versions of these annual consumptions every month or so, and they’re the ones we use for your estimated yearly usage and so on.

Looking at your account, it appears that the most recent annual consumptions we’ve received for you are a bit higher than the ones we received when you switched over, suggesting that your usage has risen a little. I don’t want to put the exact details up on a public forum, but we can give you the exact numbers if you get in touch through some more private channel. Regardless, I think that these higher estimated consumptions make up the difference. If it turns out that you aren’t using more over the course of the year than in previous years, and that whichever readings led to those higher annual consumptions were just one offs, then those consumptions (and thus your estimated usage) will go back down again.