Average Monthly Usage

My Bulb account shows ‘Average monthly usage’ as £136.36, but my actual average monthly usage is £100.80. Why is this?

I’ve been noticing my average usage is about twice as high too. There appears to be an issue with the way Bulb’s system is calculating the average monthly usage.

I’m having the same issue.

Hi all

Are you referring to what you have been paying during the summer months? The “Average monthly usage” takes into account increased usage and hence costs for the winter period plus I assume it is taking into account the unit costs increase which are coming into play 10 November. You need to compare your last 12 months energy usage (in kWh) to see how it compares with the estimates (in kWh ) Bulb is showing , if they are way off then the “Average monthly usage” (in £) will also be way off.

Hi all - the “average monthly usage” shown is a projection based on our estimate of your annual consumption. It’s not the mean of your statements, although our projections of your annual usage can, of course, be off. It tends to become more accurate the more data we have about your usage: the more meter readings we have, the more accurate the projection will be.