Average Weekly Bills

Got my smart meter last year, but latterly it’s went to show weekly readings.

This week it’s showing £15 for elec & £13 for gas

We’re in a 2 bed end terrace and it’s just the 2 of us in here

Dam expensive this looks to be

That’s actually pretty good I’d say for a 2 bed home. I use roughly £7-10 in electric a week and around £8-10 on gas I reckon and I’m very frugal on both due to being financially challenged shall we say!

However, you can check what is using up most energy on your smart meter and also check the amount you’re being charged per kWh as well as standing charge, and compare to other suppliers if you’re dissatisfied.

@volvo stop spamming me with referral links to another company. It isn’t gonna happen and frankly is off-putting. If I want to swap provider I will, after comparing their prices and what they offer. You being on here just to spam your referral code, presumably because you get a kickback for each one you get, is spamming.


Hi @bjproc,

I would like to first start off by giving you a warm welcome to Bulb community! :partying_face:

I took a look into your account and I see your smart meters are sending us daily readings, which is great to see.

Your smart meter doesn’t influence the change in your usage though, seasonality and lifestyle habits do.

I do see your usage has been increasing as expected due to the change in seasonality.

Also usage does also vary from home to home due to various reasons e.g. home efficiency, efficiency of appliances used etc.

Do get in touch with us via email or live chat if you wanted us to investigate this further though. Always happy to help :relaxed: