Balance amount question


Got a question regarding account balance, which I hope is not a silly question :).

Let’s say my monthly payments are £70. My current balance is sitting at +£50. Does that mean once my next monthly payment is due, it will be £20 (70 - 50), or will it still be £70?

I’m just finding it a bit hard to understand the balance bit. Is my balance in the positive range because my last month payment way more than what I actually used?


Your monthly payment remains constant throughout the year so £70 every month, this balances out over the year whereby during the warmer months you are likely to have an excess but during the winter months when bills are higher, lets say £100 your dd will still only be £70.
Basically they take your yearly usage and divide by 12 to get a monthly dd payment.

Hi @kakalokia as @scudo says the monthly payment remains the same throughout the year, and if your account is saying your balance is +£50 then you’re in credit and a payment £70 would bring you up to £120 in credit (though we will also produce a statement at the same time as the next payment, which will come out of the bulb account and bring your credit back down again)