Balance in Credit

Ive recently moved supplier but had a positive credit balance upon moving, how do I get it refunded??

Hi @pfolland1972 ,

Sorry to hear you’ve left Bulb - refunds can take around 6 weeks to be processed ( see ) as Bulb have to wait for your new supplier to confirm the switch, them to send the details to the third party verification company, them to verify the meter readings (which can take a couple of weeks), then the details have to be passed to Bulb who then raise your final bill and then issue the refund (which can then take 3 business days to work through the banking system).

Most of the time it seems to take 4-5 weeks, but if it has been 7 weeks or longer, drop Bulb an email via and they should be able to let you know where the delay is (it’s most likely due to the fact they haven’t received the official meter readings from the new supplier via the verification company - but Bulb may not be able to tell if your new supplier has sent them - so it might be worth just checking with your new supplier as well).

This is the same delay you get as switching to Bulb ( ) from another supplier or from another supplier to any other supplier.

See also the stickied post at the top of this forum: .