My account has a current balance of + £123.08. What does this mean?

Hi @GeorgeScr,

That means you are currently in credit to the tune of £123.08 - basically, Bulb ‘owes’ you this much as you have that money in your account and haven’t spent it yet on electricity/gas. However, Bulb does ask for all accounts to be ‘in credit’ a month in advance (to enable them to pre-purchase electricity/gas to keep prices low and avoid bad debts) so all customers should be ‘owed’ money by Bulb - so this isn’t unusual.

If you only have a small monthly bill (say £60) and you have a direct debit setup to cover more than that (say £80/£90) to help cover for the more expensive winter months and you still have that sort of credit on your account, you can ask Bulb to refund the excess to your bank account - see (Bulb will ask for you to have at least one - ideally one and half - months credit in your account before issuing a refund).

Hello @RichyB

Thank you for your reply, you’re very helpful. My monthly bill is only £41 as I live alone in a 1 bedroom flat, so I have 3 times that in credit. I would like to ask for a refund of, let’s say, £80 but to whom do I ask? In the link that you provided it does not mention who to contact or how to proceed. Based on this, I ought to request the refund by emailing

Hi @GeorgeScr,

That’s the perfect email address for refunds :wink: Glad you found it - I know some people do get refunds granted on this forum when Bulb staff see them (I’m a fellow customer), but sometimes staff miss the thread etc and so the refund goes unanswered - contacting them by email at or telephone (see ) is the best way of guaranteeing a staff response.