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Has anyone managed to acquire Bulbs bank details for BACS payments please?

@JonnyB the best way to get in contact with us regarding BACS is via our help email at If you’re able to make a payment by a debit card, you can also call in at 0300 30 30 635 and we can make a one-off payment for you.

@JonnyB, previously Bulb have said that due to their payment systems and procedures, direct BACS payment is not possible.

@“SJ at Bulb”, please clarify if anything has changed here.

@mowcius Yeah correct which is why we ask all our members to set up Direct Debits

@mowcius Yeah correct which is why we ask all our members to set up Direct Debits
(or automated debit card payments)

@mowcius We’re moving aware from debit card payments in general. Now every new member pays by direct debit by default :slight_smile:

@“SamC at Bulb”, I knew it was default now but I presume you’re going to continue to have debit cards as an option?

It’s interesting to see the switch considering that debit card payments were being touted as the superior method when I joined and everyone paid that way by default back then.

@mowcius It was a decision that was made based on what our members wanted. We wanted to keep it simple and offer one method of payment and Direct Debit is a method which people are more familiar with.

But it’s not simple. It should be possible to make a one-off payment, surely?

You can make a one-off payment via your existing direct debit, using the top-up option in your Bulb dashboard. It is simple. Indeed, the most simple method, because it requires no further setup and no risk of transposing account numbers ending up with money sent who knows where.

It surely is possible to make a one off payment.

This is done via the “Payment & statement” page.

See attachment.

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Payment by BACS is mostly only possible for businesses now. For individuals, Faster Payments are the norm, and this can include standing orders. Both are same-day payments, so faster than both BACS and DD, both of which use the rather antiquated BACS mechanism.


I would think organisations with large numbers of customers, standing order is antiquated when compared to DD.

Take for example my broadband/telephone bills which can change on a month by month basis. DD means my provider can collect the DD to reflect the cost of my bills, whereas with SO order I would have to change the SO amount myself.

I agree. I was simply giving the full picture, as there remain a minority who avoid DDs.

I used to run a business which used DDs, including producing the software myself.