Battery gone on my meter

Hi the battery seems to have gone on my metre and I cannot get the display to work, it was fitted in July 2008, therefore I cannot read the metre to be able to give accurate metre readings to update my account. Can someone please help. Many thanks

You’ll need to contact Bulb to report a faulty meter, and they can make an appointment to send out an engineer to replace the battery.

Note that they might claim OFGEM policy prevents this at present due to COVID-19, but that’s bogus (OFGEM policy is actually that they are expected to carry out “essential maintenance and repairs”, and that’s what this is).

Thank you but I can’t seem to find a way to contact bulb!

Thank you I’ve just found their email address and phone number. I’m on it!

Thank you, emailed them and they have replied, just got to email them with a video of what my meter is like now.

Hi @loraine.brace :wave:

I can see that you are emailing my colleague about the meter, if you send through that photo and video that would be great.


I’ve now been told my meter is a NSS Non Smets Smart Meter and I can’t have a new meter fitted I enquired why exactly and they said it was because I already had a smart meter and now want to know if we have WAN coverage. How do I find this out? Thank you everyone

Hi @loraine.brace

I have had a look into this and can see your meter is NSS (Non Smets Smart) meter. These were the very first type of smart meter and are only smart with the supplier who installed them.

I can see that my colleague Trevor is looking into an upgrade of these meters and will get back to your email ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi can you get him to email me again please as he’s not answering my emails to him. Thanks

Hi @loraine.brace

Sorry you haven’t had a reply. :disappointed: Trevor has been off for a short while so will get back to your email as soon as possible.

I have let him know. :slight_smile:


Hi Lorraine,

I actually haven’t received a response from you since the last email I sent on 18th February. :pensive:

Are you able to get back to me when you get the chance? I’d love to book in the meter job for you :slightly_smiling_face: