BBC News Article on Solar Power

Interesting article on BBC News website today:

What the heroin industry can teach us about solar power

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This is a fascinating and complex story.

It is very interesting to see the significant impact of renewables in a different context from the norm.

Thank you for sharing stevefoster.

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If only batteries were at the same cost levels as solar generation then we’d be able to store all the energy we generate. Sadly seems a bit of a way off for us

Hi @Ricky.String, :bulb:

I would highly recommend checking out this thread: Product Input: Help us shine a light on batteries

We have some pretty exciting battery projects being worked at the moment. In this thread, there is a link which you sign up to and you will receive be amongst the first to hear about the latest battery products / services from Bulb. :battery:

Do you currently have solar panels?

We have some PV panels and are currently on the FiT scheme with another supplier, so we’re being paid for what we generate and what we export but we need to make the next step to a battery to benefit fully realy as we’re still paying for more than we’d like off the grid (given that we’re also giving back to the grid)

Hi @Ricky.String, I completely get that yes, and batteries definitely seem like the best route to reach that goal of lower bills :star_struck:

I really would recommend posting in Kit’s thread about your battery-based aspirations, so that we can better understand what our members want from this product in time to come.