Hi my flat had 2 bedrooms and I mistakenly chose 3 when I switched to bulb and don’t know how to edit my information.
Kind regards

@Sophie_elen, that information is only used to estimate your monthly payments when you’re getting a quote. It doesn’t actually do anything once you’re past the quote phase.

What you actually pay will be based on past usage at the property initially, and then your actual meter readings once Bulb have received some.

@Sophie_elen - @mowcius is right, we use this information to estimate your monthly payments initially. Once we’ve taken first payment (on the day you join us) and sent your first statement a month later, you’ll be free to change this payment amount anytime you like, in your Bulb account: . I’d recommend submitting meter readings once a month, when you receive our reminder emails, and keeping an eye on your balance- if you think you’re paying too much or too little, please feel free to change the payment amount. Hope this helps!