Been trying to get a full refund

I’ve been trying to get a full refund for the last month or so but it keeps saying I’m not eligible? Could somebody please look into this as the money could help due to being furloughed.

Out of interest did you follow the Bulb process before requesting a refund?

Yes I did, a few times,

Hi @AdiHotdog,

Welcome to the Bulb community! :raised_hands:

I’ve taken a look into the account and I can see we’ve not been able to pick up a read from one of your meters in while, which is why we’ve not been able to offer a refund.

I’ll get in touch with you via email to take a look into this, so keep an eye out for that please.

Best wishes,

Hi, Freya
I’ve updated my gas metre reading and also sent you a reading via email, can you please look into the refund for me?
Thank you very much