Been with Bulb for 9 months still no billing or statements, help or advice please

Hi from Barry :slight_smile:
Been trying to sort out my account since I joined you, 09/04/19
Having no joy via emails to no responce, last mail sent on the 17/11/19.
I made a read dispute with solarplicity after leaving them as my final readings were incorrect, it’s a total loss as solarplicity went into administration so was never sorted out and I had no refund for overpayment.
I’ve had 2 failed attempts for a replacement smart meter because the smart meter that was installed by solarplicity is Economy 7 type… yet I have no Economy 7, never have… this was verified by the engineer who looked all over my home.
Some info:
Meter supply number 1012734125959
Meter serial number: 17P0405327
17/09/2018 = R01 1816 R02 0000378 (solarplicity)
17/10/2018 = R01 1908 R02 0000378 (solarplicity)
17/11/2018 = R01 2008 R02 0000378 (solarplicity)
17/12/2018 = R01 2151 R02 0000378 (solarplicity)
22/01/2019 = R01 2383 R02 0000378 (solarplicity)
17/02/2019 = R01 2514 R02 0000378 (solarplicity)
04/04/2019 = R01 2738 R02 0000378 (BULB)
13/04/2019 = R01 2774 R02 0000378 (BULB)
03/07/2019 = R01 3067 R02 0000378 (BULB)
07/10/2019 = R01 3443 R02 0000378 (BULB)
17/11/2019 = R01 3731 R02 0000378 (BULB)
I have videos of readings if required.
The non billing is very concerning, I’m a light user for most of the year but I use more in the winter due to electric being my only source of heating.
My online Bulb acc will not accept my input readings.
Just took a reading 19/12/19
R01 3939 R02 0000549 odd on the R02 reading as it’s the first time it’s moved from 378? Thanks for any help, advice, all best from Barry

I am sorry for you. I remember changing suppliers and it took ages for them to sort out who I owed money to: they wouldn’t accept my readings, they used some arbitrary ones. It must be annoying to lose money to a company that goes bust.

I’d remove personally identifying information from this post, like your meter number. The Bulb moderators can get that information from you in a private message.

From other comments in the forums it seems as if Bulb’s customer support is struggling. Some say that this is because they have expanded rapidly. My own experience with Bulb has been positive - I have been with them for a while.

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Suggest you try live chat or phone to get this sorted(If hanging on phone for to long ask for callback this is usually quicker

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My account is really starting to take shape… Big Thanks Bulb & Community :slight_smile: :smiley: