Being Charged Too Much

You have sent me an email telling me you are putting my payment up to £140.75 per month.

I have just now called and your advisor put the phone down on me!

I cannot afford that amount and I think it is extortionate considering I live alone, am away for 9 hours every week day and switch EVERYTHING off at the mains when I leave.

How can you justify putting it up so high?

Simply put, I need that adjusting or you’re not going to get paid.

When I moved in back in October 2020 by payments were just £50. I have increased to £80 to allow for increases but THIS? Beyond a joke.

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Hi @KellyRobo94 ,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to community.

I’m really sorry to hear that a bulb agent put the phone down on you, it certainly doesn’t meet the standards of service that we aim to deliver.

So just before winter, your account should have enough credit to see you through the colder months, as well as enough credit to cover next month’s payment because we take payments in advance - at the moment you’re in credit by £80 and your estimated monthly usage is around £110.32. Last winter your highest bill was for £89.16, and since then our prices have increased multiple times . This is why we’re increasing your payments between £126.67 - £140.75 to cover your winter bills and build a little of extra credit towards any future bills as per our policy.

I hope this answers your query, but let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

–Suki :hibiscus:

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If my highest bill was that then I’d rather pay closer to that amount than almost double. That seems ridiculous when asked to pay for something I’ve not even used yet!

Thanks to this increase, I can no longer afford to put the heating on to help keep warm or I won’t be able to buy food and that’s if I can even afford to cook it!

I would have thought that with being out most of the day would mean my costs wouldn’t be so high.

Sukibrown works very hard and deserves to be paid well for her skills and sacred patience, so we must not waste her time because it will cost us all even more through no fault of her own or Bulb’s. Many of us solve the problem by extra thermals and closed doors etc is my suggestion for what it’s worth. Have you emailed Putin yet or Boris? They could help us more. Apologies to Suki if I assumed gender wrong. :innocent:

I’m not wasting anybodys time by talking to customer service because thats their job. To assist customers.

The pay for someone in customer service has nothing to do with the cost of energy prices, they are two separate things.

If you read the thread you’ll see that I’m asking why my payment has been doubled when I’m barely using anything.

So thanks for wasting my time because I had to read your useless comment and then reply.

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Your comment offers neither Help or Support and you are obviously just trying to look good on the Internet so please stay off the thread as you have nothing to offer.

I have cancelled my DD with you, yet again you want to put payments up without my permission. I have gone from £69.00 to £141 now you have put it up to £166. Now matter what I pay you want more. I am at work all day, have reduced by electricity usage and still you want more…I’m gone bye bye Bulb, worst more I have ever made.

Hey @KellyRobo94 thanks for coming back to us,

We do appreciate that is a big increase and its worth raising with us to take a look. I have researched into your account a bit more and can see that the increased payment is higher than any bill you have had with us. This payment is to keep you paying your usage but also build that credit back up as you should ideally be a month in front.

I can see payments have reduced to the minimum we can reduce to but I wanted to see if you wanted to look into other payment options with us. If these are of interest let us know and we will email you to get it organised.

Also welcome to our community @deerobbins01

I am sorry that the recent payment increase has led to you looking to switch away, I have just taken a look into the calculations to see why it has increased so much and have noticed there have been no readings over winter. This may mean that we have overcharged or undercharged on the estimates. This review is based on estimated reads so we would like to check this over.

Could you provide us a reading when you can? (if the meter is broken/cannot access for a reading let us know too)

– Carl :bulb: