Being harassed by call centre once I cancelled Direct Debit and opting to pay manually by card

I refused to have my regular, never missed payments, Direct Debit forced up to build up credit over the year. I was offered a ‘variable direct debit’ which means I made one off payment via Direct Debit.

I was then threatened with a £15 late payment charge by email as a one off direct debit was delayed due to a bank holiday and when the bill landed.

I then cancelled that transaction after speaking with bank, paid said amount by card and then cancelled my Direct Debit itself.

From that moment on I’ve had nothing but harrassment from overseas call centres threatening £15 admin charge if I don’t respond to them!

I explained to them (on each occasion) I never give out personal information over the phone on a completely unsolicited call and I planned (and just have) to use my debit card each month when invoiced.

I blocked the number and received a string of emails inviting me to set up a direct debit. I had to reply to them pointing them to the payment options policy page that stated you can make payments using a card.

I explicitly stated in all emails from the start about this that unless there’s a contractual obligation or issue with me not having a direct debit in place then do not get in touch.

I’m just waiting for the next raft of hassle to set up a direct debit.

Not impressed, felt like a a ploy to build up the value of the funds in place within the company without the outreach investing in better explanations why a direct debit is recommended.

Just cancelled my direct debit and am now ignoring the barrage of calls from Bulb. They never responded to my email, in which I informed them that I was cancelling and why, so I don’t feel obliged to continue communications.
Now I submit my reading every month as usual and top up my account at the same time.

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I am in the same position tele calls and emails all the time after cancelling DD will just pay every month after being lied to by Bulb have no intention to allow them any access to my Bank Ac.

This exact same thing just happened to me and obviously their call centre is closed over the bank holiday, how convenient.

I’m putting it in writing here that I will not accept to pay a late payment fee and as soon as the phone lines reopen I will demand that this is waived - my bank account details have not changed and my account is showing that there is a direct debit set up with Bulb, this should be a variable one, I’m not sure what they’re playing at.

Hi @txrx

I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had here. I have left direct notes on your account to explain your payment method and to ensure no further communications are sent to you regarding your payments and no missed payment fees are set up. If you would prefer I can set your account up with a variable direct debit and again ensure no missed payment communications are sent your way. If this would be of interest please let me know.

I have also noted the same for your accounts @Zambia1973 and @david166 if you would like to pay by variable direct debit again please let me know.

Hi @EMf42wr :wave:

I have had a look into your account and can see that currently your direct debit is cancelled, however you are in credit so you should not receive any further missed payment communications dated 04/06 onwards. No missed payment fee will be placed on the account either. Would you like me to reinstate your direct debit to a variable direct debit and refund the current credit in the account?

Any questions please let me know.

Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke, Thanks for following up on this

Given the bad experience and my not insignificant amount time wasted dealing with unsolicited calls which also carried threats of £15 admin charges if I didn’t deal with them means I won’t be coming near Bulb with any type of Direct Debit in future.

I’ll continue to pay using Stripe and my bank card to cover any costs I run up each month. If this is contractually not allowed please let me know. I’d also like the nagging on the website about direct debit not being set up to go away…

Best regards

I too have been paying my bill via card and I am now being harassed.
I would advise everyone to cancel their direct debits until Bulb make their energy affordable

Your last sentence is a little reckless. Bulb, like all the other suppliers, have no real control over the prices.

Indeed @Anton59, I will say I only have problems with Bulb’s conduct on payment methods and happy to use my card.

@carlwalsh2010 I’m not condoning wider protest of prices by cancelling direct debits or refusing to pay.