Being ignored regularly

Why do bulb not respond efficiently to any query?
I am due a refund of £60 yet have been palmed off numerous times. Either you are incompetent or deceitful, I can’t work out which one it is?

Hey there :wave:

It looks like you have prepayment meters. In this case, if you’ve moved out and there’s credit left on your meters, we would ask you to take a photo of the credit and send us those pictures so that we can reimburse you anything you may have topped up but been unable to use.

If you switch suppliers and there’s credit left, you can continue to use this credit as its already been added to the meter. You can then top up with your new supplies key/card.

It looks like we still supply your meters though and I can’t see a move out scheduled, so there won’t be a refund due to you. With prepayment meters you top up £X and use £X as you go- so there wouldn’t be an excess as you’ll use all the credit you load onto the meter.

If you want to check this, your meter screens will be the most accurate and show you what you’ve got available to use :blush:

hope that helps but let us know if you have any more questions about it!

— H :bulb:

Dear Holly
Thankyou for response.
I would respectfully ask you to check your recent communications with myself and you might see that Grace, Ayan,Liliana and another person I can’t remember e has promised to deal with this refund but as of yet not received . I sent Grace a photo of receipt as requested…
Perhaps you could be the person to sort this🙏

The photo was sent on the 19th April. Should a refund normally take Seven weeks to process?

If you have any questions,please don’t hesitate to ask…maybe even call me😱

Oh I see, sorry I misunderstood! Was this for a lost top up? I’m thinking so as you mentioned a receipt. We can definitely sort that for you. I’ve sent an email to you now about it! :blush: