Being overcharged for gas usage?

I have been monitoring energy usage carefully for several weeks, we noticed that the amount showing on our display for gas was substantially higher than our weekly usage and I have contacted a manager at Bulb for an explanation (after initially speaking to rude and dismissive customer service), no response or explanation so far. For example this week my gas figures on the display unit are as follows:
Mon 14th Feb £1.74 Tue 15th Feb £1.78 Wed 16th Feb £2.58 Thu 17th Feb £1.12 Fri 18th Feb £1.23 TOTAL: £8.45
This was indeed the total showing on Friday evening before going to bed. However this morning Saturday 19th Feb at around 10am the total was showing as £16.01!! That’s an increase overnight of £7.56!! What is going on, hopefully there is a simple explanation? The electricity readings are exactly correct and apparently standing charges are included. Am I being rooked?? Has anyone else experienced this?? Please check your display unit to make sure!! The first customer service representative I spoke to said the display was ‘only a rough guide to help you budget’, which beggars belief!! I will take this further if I don’t get a satisfactory response from Bulb.

Your bills are based on readings from your meter, not what the in-home display says, so if you want to check what you’re actually using take meter readings and do some calculations. Not ideal but in my experience neither the in-home display nor the app are accurate and reliable enough to bother with.

Thanks Norman7115 that’s helpful I will do that. I’m really astonished at the massive discrepancy on the display though! Why have it at all if it’s so inaccurate. I’ve raised a complaint and will see what they come back with. It’s not a nice feeling to think you are being overcharged and they should be able to be clear with their customers and offer a straightforward explanation.

As long as Bulb are using actual readings for your bills then there shouldn’t be any overcharging going on.

My in-home display has never worked properly and now sits in a drawer. I gave up after trying endless “fixes”.

In my case the Bulb app does seem to supply daily gas figures which look right, so you could always check that out for the days you’re concerned about (bear in mind that usage is in £, so after any price change comparisons to previous periods aren’t like for like as far as kWh usage goes).

Hi @LisaS

Thank you for your post and thank you @norman7115 for your help on this one :blush:

I can see a manager has been in touch and has been discussing your IHD in more detail with our smart team.