Being scammed.

I joined Bulb at the start of this month and submitted my readings for both gas and electric. I have just received me final bills from NPower. The electric bill gives the reading I submitted to Bulb. The gas bill says ‘estimate’. I check Bulb account. This also says the gas is an estimate reading, even though I submitted an actual reading. I check my meter. Three weeks on and the gas is lower than the estimate reading. Why does Bulb have an estimate reading (listed on the NPower bill as ‘our estimate’), which is way off, when I submitted an ACTUAL reading to Bulb. I did not submit any readings to NPower so clearly have communicated with Bulb and the reading is totally wrong? I want the gas reading I submitted to Bulb please. I can’t find it, only the estimate reading from NPower. Why am I being scammed??

I don’t think you are being scammed. All readings with any company at switching are sent to a 3rd party (legal requirement) to have the readings verified, until they are verified then estimates may be used.
It will get sorted but probably best you email / phone or use live chat to contact Bulb and discuss. I am sure they will put your mind at ease.

Hello? Is anyone actually there? I canny believe I have signed up to somewhere where you can’t talk to someone on an evening. Ridiculous!!

Thanks for replying… I can’t phone though it’s closed!!

Where’s live chat please I can’t find it??

To chat with us, click on the blue circle in the bottom right of your screen.

We’ll respond to your chats between 9am-6pm Monday-Friday. At other times, just email us.

Where's live chat please I can't find it??

Hi Fizzlestix, I hope you’ve managed to get in touch with someone to help you with this. We can dispute your first meter read with nPower to get you started at the right place.