Being treated so 👎

About 3 weeks ago my electricity meter shut down and I had no electricity for 9 hours. Bulb just kept saying they were on to it and it was being sorted it didn’t matter how many times I contacted them it was always the same story, in the end they sent out someone out to change the meter. I asked about compensation for the loss off some off my fridge and freezer food and was told at first I would be compensated but 9ve heard nothing for weeks I’ve emailed bulb but they are not replying. I don’t think its right to treat customers like this no matter why the meter shut down bulb are responsible for whats happened and yet you are choosing to ignore your responsibilities. And to add insult to injury neither the person who recommended me or myself still have not received our £50.

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Hi @anthony64, thank you for posting.

I’d firstly like to apologise for the time that it took us to reinstate your electricity. I have had a look at the complaint that you have open with us, and it does look as though a lot of fixes needed to be attempted in order to diagnose and solve the issue. With regard to the compensation, I have just contacted my colleague and prompted them to address this via the complaint.

In terms of the referral issue, I have just sent you an email so that we can get this fixed as soon as possible.

I am very sorry for the overall experience that you’ve had with us Anthony.

Any questions, please do let us know.

Take care,

Niamh :bulb: