Bespoke Energy Saving Advice

@“Eleanor at Bulb”, I see the card on Energy Saving Advice has been archived on Trello.


Does this mean that the idea’s been dropped, or that it’s all done but we just haven’t seen any of it yet?

@mowcius - I’ll be making lots of changes this afternoon! I’ll do an update on Community tomorrow and we can chat about specifics.

It has been achieved because we won’t be doing it in the foreseeable future. But I will be adding cards that are a similar-ish. Watch this space.

@“Eleanor at Bulb”, I’ve just made a new thread about other things which were in the ideas collumn and now have been archived.

Surely that’s the whole idea of the ideas collumn. You haven’t committed to them but people have suggested them and maybe they’ll be considered.

If the Trello board was advertised a bit more - people could upvote things so that Bulb could see interest. If everyone wants a specific feature, it would make sense to implement it if possible.

I’ll be explaining why in a Community post. Just need to finish the Trello board first! Some of those ideas have been on the Trello board for a long time.

I’ll be linking the road map to the post but it needs finishing first…give me a few hours.