Best A19 LED bulbs?

While this isnt strictly flashlight related yall are the only folks i know who will investigate leds to a crazy extent :slight_smile:

After around 4 years of running the bulbs in the family room practially 24/7 (yeah i know bad but my mom likes to), the cree 4 flow are starting to die off

what are some great 40w and 60w bulbs, perfer high cri, dimming, and little to no buzz

Hi @zackxoxo Thanks for your question and welcome to the Bulb Community!

If you’re looking for LEDs I believe you might be wanting a 4 or 6w Bulb rather than 40 or 60w as this would be the wattage you’d expect in a standard Bulb instead.

Hopefully someone will have a good brand recommendation for you

Update: My issue has been solved, thank you.