Best way to heat a small electricity only home.

Hi all,

I’m new to Bulb. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the best way to heat a small hoe which is electricity only.

1 bedroom studio flat. Open plan bedroom/livingroom/kitchen space. Total floor area of the whole flat (including hal and bathroom) is about 43m2. Double glazed windows throughout. Probably mid-1970s build. I think the wall insulation is poor… I can certainly feel cool air in places when holding hand near some walls.

Anyway, currently our main heater is a Dimplex 403BTB 3kW convector heater. We usually use it with the “eco” mode on (which I think operates with a thermostat).

I’m wondering if there is something which is definitely/obviously a better choice?

Thanks for any tips!

I dont know about type of heater but I would certainly spend time sorting out (where possible) any cold spots and/or drafts.
I have used an infra red thermometer (around £10 on ebay) to find the cold spots.

If your front door leads straight in to the house ie no porch then a curtain across the door in winter can make a difference as that tends to be a cold spot.

Yes, good tip, thanks. Unfortunately I don’t think there is much I can do about badly insulated walls! But a curtain isn’t a bad idea.

Maybe not insulation but there could be draughts coming from the skirting boards which could be sealed with builders caulk.

So I’m presuming this is a rental?

You could think about changing to Economy 7 and a storage heater but they don’t work for everyone and are hundreds of pounds (for anything worthwhile) so I doubt you’d save any money that way.

I’d probably stick to the heater you’ve got and focus on making the place feel warmer. Consider rugs on hard floors, a washable runner in the kitchen, slippers throughout, thick curtains on windows etc.

Yeah, a rental.

Thanks for the tips.