Beta testing the iOS app

Edit: We’re working on a problem where members are prevented from logging in if too many people try to log in at the same time. We’ll have an update out this week. In the meantime, if you have trouble, wait an hour and try logging in again.

Hi folks,

Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered to test our iOS app. We’re currently sending out invites to everyone who volunteered to help test it. If you haven’t received your invite yet, sit tight. We’re rolling out invites slowly so we can iterate on it. Rather than get everything in one mad rush.

Once you’ve had a look, we have a few questions for you:

- Is it easy to use?

  • Is anything confusing?
  • Did anything unexpected happen?
  • Is anything missing or doesn’t look right?

We’re still working on a few bits of the design and some of the features. Here are the features we have so far:

  • view the balance of your account
  • view previous statements
  • submit meter readings via taking a photo
  • submit meter readings by keyboard
  • refer your friends

And here are some features that we’re still working on:

  • change payment date
  • change payment amount
  • top up your account
  • send photos for economy 7 meters
  • managing multiple properties on the same account

Thanks everyone, we really appreciate it.

I’m looking forward to receiving my invite :slight_smile:

Thanks for my invite. It’s really nice that you decided to build your app only for the second most popular phone operating system in the UK. Unfortunately, like most people, I won’t be able to make use of it, but let me know when you’ve decided to venture outside of your favoured walled garden.

We’ll work on the Android app this year @blah. We’re working on iOS first because each time we’ve surveyed out members, it turns out that about 60% use iOS.

I’m an Android man myself, so I feel your pain.

Very easy to use .i would like extra information showing my energy use especially when this can be tied to a smart meter.

I never received my invite :frowning:

Oh no @glyn564, you’re definitely in the list of people who should have received one. We’ve had a look and it turns out that Apple only seem to manage to send out 25-40% of the invites that they say they’ll send. Very frustrating!

We’ve just tried resending it for you. If you still don’t see it, triple check that it isn’t in your spam folder or anything. It’ll be from with the subject line “Bulb Energy Ltd has invited you to test “MyBulb””. If you still can’t find it, we could try sending it to a different email address for you, so in that case, reply to the email from with an alternative email address and we’ll invite that one too.

Thanks Will. I’ve downloaded the app now :slight_smile:

Good evening, I also added my email for the beta but have yet to receive an email :frowning: any chance you could add me?

Loving the app so far. I’ve spotted one issue on my account at least. My MPAN number is displayed as null.


Looks very nice.

Three tiny thoughts:

“Access” isn’t a very friendly word. On the website I believe you say “Sign in” which isn’t that friendly either, but at least makes a bit more sense.

I seem to be able to use the camera for submitting a gas reading but not for electricity.

There seems to be no provision for dealing with more than one property.


@glyn564 great to hear. I’ll pass on the feedback about your MPAN not showing properly to the tech guys too. Thanks for the feedback.

@jedmoore we’re sending out the invites in phases, so that we can fix the most obvious bugs before most members see it, and so that we get fresh sets of eyes on it after each set of bug fixes. We definitely have you down to test it, so you’ll get an invite soon!


Great feedback, thanks. We completely agree on the wording. We’ll tidy that up to make it more Bulby. I also noticed when checking it that the password reset button is hidden when the keyboard is active, so I’ll pass that over too.

I’ll let the tech team know about the camera trouble.

And we’re working on multi-properties. I’ll add that to the list of things that we’re still working on above. We plan to introduce it shortly after the beta version is ready. We want to get the base app out and ready quickly, and then we’ll quickly add new more niche, but still very important features. We’re planning a quick turn around for them.

It’s all fine - easy to use. Can’t check the meter-reading facility as I’m away from home just now - will check when I’m back. Thanks.

Received my email invitation but can’t redeem the code with TestFlight. System states it’s not available. I can work with the app, so do I need to redeem the code? Or just ignore?

Received my email invitation but can't redeem the code with TestFlight. System states it's not available. I can work with the app, so do I need to redeem the code? Or just ignore?

If the apps working for you then great. No need to redeem anything with TestFlight. But if you have any trouble with it, let me know and we can send you out another invitation.

It's all fine - easy to use. Can't check the meter-reading facility as I'm away from home just now - will check when I'm back. Thanks.

Amazing to hear! When the developers saw this they said, and I quote:

“these are the moments we live for”

Love it

Hello! The app looks great :slight_smile: I’m using iOS 11 beta and all is running smoothly (just a minor hickup).

Here are some thoughts:

  • the first screens are trying to sell Bulb, I’m already a customer and believe in what you’re doing so it’s just some unnecessary swipe action
  • LOVE that I can use TouchID to pull up my password from keychain
  • after first signing in i just had a blank screen but restarting the app sorted it out.
  • Cool functionality with just taking a photo
  • It’s not clear from the home screen that I need to tap gas/electricity to enter meter reading though, it almost feels like this should be it’s own tab vs. the more dashboard style of the home tab.
  • The payment tab isn’t doing much for me as I pay on Direct Debit, but some ideas below on how to make it more useful.

Also some feature ideas:
-I’d love to be able to see my usage on the home tab over time, as well as useful tips on reducing energy use.

  • I’d also love to see some IOT functionality built in, perhaps IFTTT, etc.

Payment tab ideas

  • Direct debit details, when next payment coming out - add recurring calendar event
  • Donate positive balance to charity
  • Claim refund for positive balance

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi launched app enter login details. Now I just have a pink screen.