Better support for Economy 10 meters

I imagine it’s not the highest of priorities, but for those of us with Economy 10 meters on an Economy 7 tariff the ability to submit meter readings via the app or website instead of email would be great. It would also be useful to be able to see the Economy 7 tariff on the website instead of the standard tariff and not have an error when attempting to download tariff details.

It feels a little like adding support was an afterthought and fixing those small issues would go a long way to making my life a little easier!

Hi there @Malinion I believe you’re talking about the setups where you have two separate meters? An economy ten meter with two registers should be able to put readings in through the website. If you are talking about the two meter ting, where there’s only one box, then I absolutely agree that it would be a big help (not just for you guys-we’d be totally fine with you being able to put reads in through the website too). As you guessed, it’s not the highest priority at the moment, we have a few other things we’re juggling, but it’s definitely on the list to get sorted out. That would include getting the tariffs for both meters (rather than just one) up on the website too, all being well

That’s exactly the situation I meant. Thanks for the response and glad to hear it’s on your list :+1: