BG Smart Meter not connecting

We changed to Bulb from British Gas
The BG Smart meter is 1st generation and has stopped working The screen says “Connecting to Smart meter”. Nothing is happening
Checked the meter cupboard WAN light flashing orange
How do I reset this to give the visible power usage at home
I understand it does not “speak” to Bulb

You can’t. If it’s an incompatible smets1 meter it won’t be readable by all suppliers until some point this year.
What a monumental screw up by the government.

Well, the IHD should continue to work after switching supplier, albeit with the wrong tariff information, even if the uplink to the supplier stops working. For example, my SMETS1 meter installed by Scottish Power continued to work as normal in terms of the IHD even when Bulb were not communicating with it.

Unfortunately @Phil_Lloyd1 this doesn’t change the answer from “you can’t” since whatever has gone wrong can’t be fixed by Bulb because they can’t talk to the meter to make any changes. The forum tells me your last post was 6 months ago, does that mean you switched to Bulb 6 months ago and the IHD has continued to work up until now?

Thank you for your reply
Yes longer than 6 months over a year now and the meter provided an indication of usage ie the colour coding

I understand the meter will not speak to Bulb
The display is no longer working
It was useful as it gave an indication of usage with the colour code (green, orange, red)

Even though there’s not a lot Bulb can do, it would be worth you raising the issue anyway. It’s still not clear whether the IHD is the responsibility of the property owner, or if it’s like the meters themselves and owned by the supplier. Bulb are now your supplier so ultimately it’s up to them to resolve the issue in whatever way they can. Likely the only thing they could do is replace both your SMETS1 meters and IHD with the new SMETS2 devices, which comes with it’s own set of ongoing problems.

Depending on how much you miss it, and how much energy you have for arguing just to make a point, it would be interesting to see what happens as a test case. Almost certainly the first step will be them trying to fob you off with “sorry we can’t do anything”. On one hand that’s reasonable because they don’t have replacement IHDs compatible with your meter, and even if they did they have no way to pair it due to being unable to communicate with the meter. But as I said, ultimately it’s their responsibility to sort it out.