Big Al Bringing Climate Clarity

This one’s always worth a rewatch.

An incredible distillation of the climate challenges we face underpinned by a genuinely impressive optimism that they can be met.

Too often I can’t get to the end of climate change videos, articles and analysis because frankly I just find it uncomfortable, worrying and whatever the opposite of empowering is.

Not this.

I’m a massive fan of Al Gore’s determination to cause a cultural shift in the way we think about the climate. You can see it when he talks about his approach to moving the dial in Australia on Kyoto:

…there was a campaign in Australia that involved television and Internet and radio commercials to lift the sense of urgency for the people there. And we trained 250 people to give the slide show in every town and village and city in Australia.

That’s not throwing your hands up - its can do and don’t take no for an answer. Impressive stuff we can all learn a lot from - and dare I say it a pretty Bulby approach!?

What are your big takeaways from the talk?

Great talk.

Change light bulbs AND change laws.

And I liked the bit in the questions about moving alone and moving together, to move fast and far.

There’s a great opportunity here for individuals to make a difference simply by how we choose to spend our money. And bulb have an opportunity to lead the way by influencing your customers and by how your business spends its money. We live in a world where money has the loudest voice, so how we spend our money speaks volumes.

Let’s do this thing!


Amen to that. I think the challenge with the moving alone and moving fast thing is that there needs to be a huge amount of activity going on at the same time on many levels. In some ways that’s daunting - but in other ways it means there’s always something to be done! And totally agree - although I am a tiny bit biased! - Bulb has the potential to have a real impact.