Big difference in standing charge prices?

My current 2-bed property standing charge for Electricity (from 1 April 2022) is 23.76p a day.
Asked for a quote for the property I’m moving into (which is a 1-bed bungalow) and it is 44.75p per day.
Almost double. Why is that?

Which area are you moving to? Standing charges vary considerably around the country. I believe London is the cheapest, the south-west, the highest.

Thanks Anton,
I’m staying the same city. It looks like they’ve put me in PayAsYouGo. Is that why? Can I switch that?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer. I’m sure Bulb will pick up this thread and reply to you, hopefully!!

I would think the standing charge of 23.76p a day is pre 1 April whereas the charge of 44.75p is from 1 Apri , this is as the result of the new price cap. Which source says the charge 23.76p applies from 1 April?

I wish my standing charges were so low mine are 53p a day now the price has increased I’m now using £5 a day just on electricity! Before the price increase £20 used to last me just over a week on my prepayment meter now it doesn’t even last 4 days! I’ve tried to have a smart meter fitted for over 3 years and all I get is it’s not available in my area it’s a joke!

Hi @ZohreB :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch with us. If you are moving to a property in the same city then the standing charge of 23.76p you quoted is most likely pre-price change. You can double check what tariff you are on by visiting our tariff page and this will give you the most up to date and correct details.


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