Big Energy Saving Winter: Energy saving tips

Hi everyone,

We’re in the midst of the Big Energy Saving Winter, so there’s no better time to make sure that you’re making the most of the energy in your home.

The Big Energy Saving Winter is a campaign by Citizens Advice to help you cut your bills and get you the energy saving advice you’re entitled to. As part of that we thought we’d include our favourite energy saving tips from last year. For energy support do check out yesterday’s post on the lockdown support you can get.

Here are some of our favourite tips that we’ve pulled together to help you save energy and money, and can even save some CO2 emissions as well!

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  • Even though we’re spending more time indoors, make sure you’re using the timer on your central heating system, so that it’s only coming on when you need it to. If you’re waking up an hour later because you don’t have to commute, then put your heating on an hour later too. Also, when it is on, turning down your thermostat by just a single degree can save you between £60 and £80 a year on your heating bills
  • If you have storage heaters or electric radiators in your home, make sure you’re only using them in areas you spend lots of time, like living rooms and bedrooms rather than hallways
  • Insulating your water tanks and pipes with jackets and pipe covers is a really easy way of making sure that your water stays hotter for longer, as these can lose heat really quickly. Insulating them is pretty cheap but will help save you both money and energy!

Make sure that, as well as heating your property properly, you’re keeping it draught-free too:

  • Check for draughts around your windows, and ensure you’re keeping the cold out with self-adhesive foam strips or metal/plastic strips with brushes
  • If you have draughts around your doors, you can fit draught excluders on the bottom of them, or can use draught excluder cushions. Though it won’t have a large impact on your bills, it’ll certainly make you feel cosier on these chilly Winter nights!
  • The Energy Saving Trust has a page on draught-proofing on their website that is chock-full of great tips for all areas of the house.

Being economical with your water can also really help with your bills too:

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  • Use a washing up bowl rather than running the tap to do your washing up
  • If you’ve got a dishwasher, run it on an eco cycle and make sure that it’s always full before you run it too!
  • Swapping out your showerhead for a water-efficient one can help save an average household of four people up to £38

Finally, while the colder weather is with us at the moment, it’s always worth sharing some tips for when the weather does warm up again:

  • Sticking socks in a bag in the freezer is a really easy way to keep cool during the summer, rather than turning on a fan or the air conditioning
  • You can save money through turning down the water temperature during the summer when the weather is hot
  • If you’re a fan of a hot water bottle in the winter, why not try an ice water bottle for the summer? Simply half-fill a regular hot water bottle with water and freeze it for a lovely cool night’s sleep

If you’re struggling with the cost of your energy this Winter, there’s ways that we can help you out too. You can check out our Blog post about applying for help with your energy costs this Winter for more information.

And of course you can check out the Citizens Advice Bureau Big Energy Saving Winter campaign too, there’s loads of great tips and support there.

Finally, keep an eye on our Instagram, as we’ll be sharing Reels of some of our favourite tips.

Also, we want to hear from you! What are your favourite tips? Is there anything you think we’ve missed? Or, is there an area that you would like more energy-saving tips on? Let us know in the replies.

Until next time, keep it cosy!

Lou :stars:


does anybody know by how much the rates have increased? out DD has gone from £55/month to £165/month. we may have used more over winter with a disabled child but that’s a bit extreme! i think its may be time to switch provider, any suggestions?

Hi @alexkolaczynski :wave:

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

You can see the details of our recent price rise on our blog.

You would have also got an email stating how much your tariff would increase and how this would affect your payments.

The reason for the increase in payments would be if your account is in debit. The new direct debit would be calculated to cover your ongoing usage and to pay off any debt. As we go into the warmer months your bills will most likely decrease meaning that the direct debit could be brought down.

If you are unable to make these payments I recommend looking into some schemes that are on offer. Please let me know if you would like me to send some more details through to you via email.

I have also merged this with a relevant thread that could be of use to you - about energy saving tips.


I’m looking to find costs on things like loft, floor and wall insulation, boiler replacement and double glazing replacement.


Hi @jpan :wave:

Are you looking to have your boiler replaced and insulation installed as part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme? It’s a scheme to help tackle fuel poverty in the UK and reduce carbon emissions. Bulb will help fund the installation of energy efficient features in members’ homes, giving households better control over their energy and helping lower their energy costs. If you think you’re eligible for this you can read more in this Community thread.

If not, perhaps anyone else on Community that’s had these installed can give an idea on the costs involved in insulation, boiler replacement and double glazing? Alternatively, you could have a look at this guide from the Energy Saving Trust which goes into detail about the different types of insulation and cost.

– Meg :bulb: