Biggest Con in History

Robbed by all energy companies to feed greed, born and brought up in UK old used as example of having lived through state owned energy and utilities paid for entirely by UK tax payers who then had it sold back to them like mugs, a whole generation are turning in their graves at what’s become of this complete con, l live on my own in a two bed flat with moderate behaviours, my new annual electricity bill from this bunch of thieves who because they have a millennial name, app and communicate with nonsense like “Hey Guys” believe it’s OK to charge me £2,400 a year for electricity, £7.00 a day, a day!!! I will be leave soon but it won’t matter this is the biggest con in history, sucking the entire population dry for heating and hot water to feed the greed of shareholders, disgusting.

Totally agree. The younger generations accept this as the norm, because this is what they’ve been brought with, they don’t know any better. They have low expectations and just accept poor service. This organisation exists to serve itself, not it’s customers. I get the impression we’re just an inconvenience to them.

Why are you using 50 kWh of electricity or so a day in a 2 bed flat? (7 pound a day at 14p/kWh) That is two kettles running continuously for the whole day, or 142 LED lights running continuously for the whole day. Are you submitting the correct meter reads on your account?

We are just customers at the end of the day, I don’t understand why you want any other sort of relationship with a service provider.

Energy prices are largely set by the wholesale market, so there is a relatively small margin which supplier can add on and still remain market competitive. It feels like you are more against the current energy market rather than the suppliers.

I don’t understand any of the logic your your reply to my post, the detail you’ve included reads bulb agent? Your also wrong, ofgens own research shows the energy PLCs return 2% more annually in dividends that any other of the ftse PLC’s who topped out at 4.3% with energy regularly proving 6%. Where do you think that extra 2% comes from, wow it could not be my magical forever boiling kettle and you wilfully missed my point completely that privately owned and control energy distribution is a racket, like an energy mafia.

I’m just an energy manager, I was hoping to get you to visualise your energy use, but I suppose its more fun to pretend I’m a bulb secret agent. James Bulb…

I broadly agree with you that public services should be in the hands of a competent national regulation and distribution body, but these things often operate inefficiently, rather than skeletally like a private service would (profit motivation) So there’s pros and cons either way. My personal opinion is that public services should be in the hands of the public and any money spent on it goes directly to the treasury rather than for corporate dividends, but the Tories had to cut costs a few years ago and here we are.

I was hoping to make you aware that you shouldn’t be using as much energy as you have been charged for. I live in a 2 bed flat built in the 1930s and I use between £20 and £40 a month or about 15 - 20% of the energy you use. You’re spending around £1,800 a year more than you should.

But what do I know, I’m just a useless millennial…

Not at all James thanks for your advice and technical clarifications, James Bulb does have a nice ring to it, in context of our exchange it probably comes with an Aston Martin to😉. I’ve been providing regular meter readings whole flats electric 2 existing storage heaters on eco7, heat at night, freestanding oil heaters in bedrooms. I have no idea how to challenge these costs the only contact l get is we want more money?

Being on an eco7 (or eco10) tariff means that you should have 2-3 electricity rates (Day/Peak/High, Night/Off Peak/Low, and sometimes a third for weekends)

The first step is to verify that you are giving the correct readings on your meter for each tariff (they sometimes are labelled 1, 2 and 3 on the meter) These readings are in kWh which is the unit you are charged against. These readings are incremental and the difference between the current and the previous read is your usage in kWh. Also, make sure you aren’t entering the decimals unless on your website readings graphic there is a place to put them. I appreciate you probably know all this!

You should be using around 100-200kWh per month in Summer and around 2,300kWh or so over the Winter. If we’re getting much higher than those numbers then something is wrong with your storage heater thermostats, and they are heating overnight in Summer or heating 24/7. You should be seeing the majority of your energy use in Winter on the night/low tariff and your day tariff should be using the same amount of energy during the day all year long.
I used to have storage heaters in my previous flat, and I know that older ones can be difficult to control.

If you are seeing around that level of consumption over Summer and Winter and still being charged as much as you say then there is a problem with the billing - they are either not applying your ECO7 electricity tariff properly or the reads are inflated by not taking into account decimal points.

I’ve seen all of these situations occur, and previously got around £2000 out of NPower when they mixed up my electric and gas meters - It doesn’t make sense that this could happen but you’d be surprised.

Best of luck

Rip Off Britain
Everyone is at it

Hi @Renationaliseenergy, thank you for posting. I had actually just replied to your other post and have opened a complaint for you as well. You should now have that email in your inbox, and I will be your point of contact around this issue going forward. I am very sorry for the poor experience that you have had with us generally and want to get this sorted for you.

@DaveDB I can see that you have a complaint open with my colleague Amy, who will get back to you as soon as she can about getting your account issues resolved once and for all. I can see that this has been going on for a long time, and I’d like to say sorry for all of the issues that you’ve had with us. I am sorry that it’s coming across really badly, but I promise that we do not see members as an inconvenience at all. Hopefully this will be resolved once and for all soon.

@cherryp47 I am really sorry that you had a bad experience with Bulb. I can see that you have now left, but please do let us know if you have any questions. I wish you all the best with your new supplier

What a nickname James Bulb is, we love that @kieranarstall :relaxed:

If there’s anything else that we can help with, please do let me know.

Have a good evening all,

Niamh :bulb:

Just to be clear my own view is the use of James Bulb is a metaphor for greed, l don’t see anything funny about paying £2400 a year in electricity cost on a 2 bed flat😐

Try Pfpenergy- not for profit energy supplier , got a quote today about 12 p per KWh for electric domestic supply - how Bulb started but they are no longer …

This is the second time in a few weeks they have made large increases in their prices. There can be no justification for that and in particular the large increase in the standing charges which have nothing ast all to do with energy prices, I gave them another chance with the first increase but now I am leaving this bunch of rip off merchants

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Could not agree more Ken, the regulator is utterly complaint its a utter racket they can quite literally get away with murder they’ve actually created energy poverty which leaves the most vulnerable choosing food or heat while they pay themselves inflated bonuses and salaries disgusting, Jon/Outrage gave me details of PFEnergy another supplier l’ll b be moving to shortly.

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I have been considering them myself, yet I cannot help but notice their bad reviews on Trustpilot

Thanks Miltiadis, l’ve not seen that yet, lll diva bit of research myself first😉

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