Bill and meter readings

Last month I had a really high bill of £219 up from the usual £74 per month. It was the electric that was higher than the gas which I thought would be the opposite way round during the colder months. This wiped out all the money I had built up in my account. I called up and was told because I hadn’t gave a reading for 2 months the estimates was out. I did give a reading for gas but not the electric which I wouldn’t do so for some reason it wasn’t logged. So I’ve decided I’m going to give readings each month to try and get the monthly payments and my average usage sorted. I’ve taken a photo on the app and it’s only showing one reading off my economy 7 meter. Is this right or do I have to take a pic of the second reading? Thanks and sorry for the long post!

Bulb will email you when the readings are due you then have a 2 day time frame to submit them, this will ensure they use actual readings and your bill/credit will start to sort itself out.
Monthly payments are not the same as your bill so dont confuse them. If you are happy that the bill is due to estimated readings and not high usage I would sit tight until another month has gone by using actual readings.
One thing that may cause a slight issue is your next actual electric reading could be lower than what they now so could be rejected but that can be resolved when you next submit

You can always contact Bulb if you need to discuss.