Bill breakdown from old price to 31/03/22 then new prices from 01/04/22

I need my bill to show the breakdown of costs for this month pre price increase 31/03/22 and then costs after price increase 01/04 22.
In other words , how do I know if you are using the new tariffs from the start of this months bill and not from the price rise date 01/94/22

Your next bill will be split accordingly showing both prices.

I have just received notification of my bill from 14th match 22 to 14th April 22 and there is no split , just a total amount

That’s odd. It should show meter readings at the date of the price change, actual or estimate.

Only Bulb can answer that one.

I can’t find anywhere to contact them . Even live chat isn’t working . There’s no mention of a direct phone line either but I may try social media messenger . Thank you

The Bulb phone number is 0300-303-0635. Their Twitter account is usually reasonably quick to respond if you send a DM during working hours.

I received my bill on 7 April. It showed my readings to 31 Match and charged at the old price. It then showed (again) my readings to 5 April charged at the new price.

Hi @kathvarley5 :wave:

I have checked through your latest bill for you and I can see that we have charged your usage up until the 31st of March at the lower tariff rate. In the ‘electricity/gas usage in detail’ sections, you’ll see that 2 different rates are being used, under the titles of Energy and Energy (1). The first is the lower tariff rate charged up until April and the second is the new higher rate.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about the bill you received and I can take a look.

-Luke :bulb:

Thank you for your response . Is it possible to actually find this information within the app ? Or should I change to a paper bill to access the breakdown costs of my energy bill .
Regards Kath

Are you not able to look at your bills in the payment section of the app?

You can download a pdf version of your bills.

Yes thank you , I have now found the pdf’s in the app

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Yes thank you , I have now found the pdf in the app .
Regards Kath

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