Bill correction

Bill for April included a correction for period of 26 Feb - 25 Apr and a credit note. I don’t understand why the correction, how it was calculated and can’t see any details that would fully explain this unusual bill. I submit meter readings at least once a month so inaccurate estimates should not be a root cause here.

I have previously raised concerns with the support team that calculations of bills seem off by a few pounds each month. This is yet another occasion where my trust that you charge your customers accurately is tested.
At this time, the bill I received is confusing because of lack of details. I can probably do the maths myself by putting a spreadsheet together to try and figure it out. But I don’t want to spend my time on that and don’t think that’s acceptable for a reputable provider to force me to do so.

The communication on this issue is being done rather poorly, or: not at all. I would expect a detailed breakdown of what happened, what the root cause is and how exactly you arrived at the final cost.

Before this happens I honestly can’t say that I trust you with handling payments for my energy bill. Overall I feel disappointed with the situation and level of service received.

Hi @Blazej

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry that this wasn’t made clearer.

You have received what is known as a consolidated statement. All meter readings are validated by a third-party to ensure that you are being billed correctly. It looks like some of your gas readings initially failed this validation last month, but now have been. This is an industry issue - your initial statement was correct as we trusted the readings that you had given us. However, when the readings come back as validated, we are required to send out a new statement once the status of the reading has changed.

The credit note was for the exact amount of the previous statement - a full refund - and then your new, updated statement was sent out for the entire period. I am sorry that this was not better communicated to you, but as you can see is a little long-winded.

You can see that the new statement is correct with the readings on pages 3 and 4, that use your readings.

Best wishes,