Bill correction

I don’t really understand my latest bill. It has a bill correction of +£80.10 with the explanation given below, but it also shows an unusually high usage for the latest period. Can anyone at Bulb convince me this is correct?
“Your bill has been corrected as we received more
accurate info about your usage. We’ve refunded the
previous impacted bills, listed below as credit notes,
and re-calculated the correct cost of your energy for
the full period”

It sounds like there has been an error somewhere and they have credited a previous bill (s) back to you then corrected the error and issued a fresh bill to take account of the period involved. The fresh bill could be for more than 1 month as it would cover the full period concerned.

I’ve now seen a previous post on this topic and it makes sense. The credit was indeed for exact amount of a previous bill (1 mth period) and the new bill is for the consolidated 2 mth period. Makes sense. Apologies for not checking existing posts!

Thanks Scudo :slight_smile: