Bill Correction

Hi I haven’t received the usual monthly statement via email. So I logged in tonight and found numerous Bill corrections all dated 2nd October. According to Bulb I’m now £1800 in credit. This is incorrect. Please can someone have a look into this and make the necessary corrections to my account. Many thanks.

Hiya anyone available to respond?

Fantastic response Bulb thanks…you would think having an additional £1300 in my account would bother you. Perhaps if I request a refund for this (even though technically it isn’t mine) you may respond? Why so many bill corrections on my account? They are nothing to do with me an you are in danger of losing track of exactly what I do owe and what credit is actually rightfully mine. Can it please be sorted?

Hi @crabby, This is a community forum where other Bulb customers try and help each other (Bulb staff do pop in every so often, but can easily miss threads). Have you tried contacting them directly via or phone (see ).

Hiya thanks for reply. Yes I emailed the help team last night!!

HI @crabby I’ve just sorted this out for you and emailed you with a bit more detail, please do let me know if you have any questions