Bill corrections happening too often

The most annoying thing about Bulb is the regular bill corrections due to supposed new more accurate meter readings being available.

I’m thinking there is some form of tolerance issue meaning that even when the meter readings are taken on the 1st of the month with the bill the following day, then the previous bill can still be “corrected” for the new info. It makes a real mess of my account, and is really annoying in trying to determine whether my usage is going up or down.

Please review and make the bill corrections less likely to happen.

Hi Shaun,

We understand consolidated bills are frustrating - in your case, your bills are issued on the 1st of each month, so they end on the day before that. If we get meter readings on something like the 27th of each month, your bills shouldn’t need to be re-issued :slight_smile:

Caspar at Bulb.

One of the reasons I moved to the 2nd of the month for billing was so that I could take a meter reading on the 1st and it update the usage graphs for the previous month and be included in the bill for the following day.

Looking at June the meter reading on the 1st June is included on the bill issued on the 2nd June, with all readings in June being actual readings thus I still don’t understand why July had a bill correction.

I’ve just had my second bill correction in as two months (even correcting the previous correction!). I provide my meter readings every weekend (I think I’ve missed one since become a Bulb member) so it’s doubtful it’s down to ‘receiving more accurate info about usage’: and this weekends readings were on the 6th of July for a bill on the 9th…

I’m agreeing with @shaun8818 here - I don’t understand why we are getting the corrections…

@shaun8818 & @RichyB

It looks like the billing has had a little hiccough which should hopefully not happen again. I believe this is down to the status of the gas readings changing, they take a day or two to validate so we normally would request the readings 2 to 3 days before the bill.

This month I got a bill with -2 units of gas usage as the previous estimate was too high. First time I’ve seen that instead of a bill correction.

In general I’m finding the summer gas usage estimates too high. We only use the gas for hot water in the summer having switched the cooker from gas to electric in the past couple of years.

@shaun8818 This is how our billing system should be operating, offering the correction in the subsequent bill to bring everything back in line.

In the summer the system can estimate a small amount of usage, but quite frequently our members use nothing at all and so we may need to send out these corrective bills.