Bill for non-existing meter

Hi, I changed to Bulb in July last year from SSE after I had my storage heaters removed. SSE removed the single meter that had three tariffs on it (day,night,off-peak) and few weeks before I switched to Bulb, and fitted a single meter with a single tariff.

Despite numerous communications with Bulb, they are using estmated readings for the power I am using on this meter and charging me for a supplythat does not exist and which I think was used by SSE for either the night or off-peak supply.
I send in readings every month for the ony meter I now have, and had when the supply was switched. Bulb does not accept this reading because it is lower than the previous reading which was taken from the old, removed, meter. I have tried and tried to get this rectified by Bulb, but have failed.
Equally, I cannot get them to understand that I have just one meter with one tariff, not two meters that they are charging me for.
I am being charged for a supply that I do not have. Bulb seems to be incapable of getting this corrected. Maybe they should send a meter reader out to have a look at my supply if they don’t believe me.
My bill are huge because Bulb adds the charge for a non-existent meter and supply. This is not good commercial practice. I am a pensioner and will have to try to get the money to pay this somehow. Please help.

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I think the problem originates with SSE who did not pass on information about the new meter. To the best of my knowledge the actual meter installation work is done by a separate company anyway. I think you do indeed need a meter reader to visit and confirm details of the actual meter now fitted.

I had something similar a few years ago when I moved house. The previous occupiers had a new meter fitted just before we moved in and the details were not passed to the new supplier. I too ended up with big bills until it was finally sorted several months later.

Get onto Bulb via the Help menu on the main website and report the meter as broken or faulty - that should get things moving.

Thanks, good idea to report the meter as faulty. I have a call into bulb at the moment and asked for a manager to call me back. It will be interesting to hear what he/she says.
If I’m not happy I will report the meter as broken,

Get a note of the meter’s serial number and check it against your bill. Give the manager this information (the serial numbers will be different) and that should trigger an appropriate response.

Thanks Roymondo. I have told them the serial number many time, accompanied by photos. It will be interesting to hear the manager’s response.

Ah - Seems I may be trying to give egg-sucking lessons if you’ve already been down that line :grin:

Hope you get it sorted in the end. Thing is they (the energy companies) are all like that to some extent, with an often apparent reluctance to understand just what the issue is. If it’s any consolation some of the bigger ones are even worse!

Hi @GMV :wave: I can see that my colleague was giving you a callback, as you described in your post. Is this now being resolved with them, or did you still need additional help from us here?

Lou :stars:

I don’t know whether there was a callback. My phone rejects anonymous calls. And I have been in and out of hospital. So, nothing resolved so far.
G Venn

I would appreciate some additional help from here.