Bill from Original Company that I left to join Bulb

Could you please contact me with an answer to my question about being billed by my original energy company (Good Energy). I have sent 3 emails to ask for help with this query! None of them have been answered…

@“Andrew at Bulb”?

have been charged £60 to change to bulb, will i be reinstated

@Alan635Rothwell, if you mean that your previous supplier has charged you for leaving within a contract, Bulb will indeed pay you that £60.

When you get your final bill detailing the charges, just send a copy over to

@Alan635Rothwell – my colleage @“DanP at Bulb” is liaising with Good Energy about this. I’m going to leave this matter in his capable hands.

The fact that you sent three separate email unfortunately kept pushing your email conversation with Dan back in the queue. It’s an extremely annoying quirk of our help centre software that, to see how old an email conversation is, the software looks at the most recent email received. I’ve let @“DanP at Bulb” know that you’re hoping for an answer ASAP, and he’ll respond as soon as he can.

@acanbrian I have now sent an email to you regarding the final bill from Good Energy. Sorry for the delay. They say they issued this on the 1st of Feb so you should now have a final bill with a closing balance.