Bill increase - furlough leave

Hello, I have been paying £65.00 a month for the last few months, down from £105.00 previously.

I have just received an e-mail which says that from this month onwards, Bulb will be increasing my payments to £130+

I have no issue in paying for what I have used, or expected to use however I am currently on furlough leave (since April) and this is likely to be the case for at least the next couple of months.

Is there anybody I can speak to to discuss this, as I am going to struggle to pay such large bills with reduced income.

Many thanks.

@clark.andy87 Welcome to our Bulb Community, thank you for getting in touch.

We can definitely discuss an alternative payment plan for you, we understand this is a difficult time for many of our members. I’ve just dropped you an email so we can look at your options :slight_smile: