Bill increase

Hi, i was wondering if anybody could help? my last two bills have gone up, my last bill is significantly higher than the previous, yet looking at " my usage" shows that it’s in the much lower end of the chart. Could somebody check if this is correct?

Hi @jesse ! I just took a look at your account, and I believe there is, thankfully, a very simple answer to your bill issue. It looks like we had an estimate on your first bill that was inaccurate. When we got a new reading in from you, we re-versioned your bills. So, we credited back your first bill, and the newest bill you’re seeing is a consolidated bill for the months of July - September.

Hope this helps!

Ok, that makes sense, the other thing is I have just checked my bank account transactions, and it looks as though you haven’t yet taken payment of my latest bill for October of £70, it should have gone out on the 20th, My account was credited with £49.83 on the 20th, but then £70 was supposed to go out, it now says I am £45.93 in debit. Am I right in thinking that you haven’t taken payment again for this month and in November I will have to pay a larger bill for both months again?

@jesse Your monthly payments are set to £49.83 on the 20th of each month, so they are a static amount and won’t take into account your statement amount.

As you have been using more than the monthly amount your account has gone into debit. I would recommend seeing what your next statement comes out to, to get a better picture, and amending the payment amount through MyBulb to help get the account back on track :slight_smile: