Bill increase

Hi there, I have switched with you guys a few months back and my current usage is around £35 a month for Gas and electricity ehich is fantastic. My direct debit was set up for £72 and I have hust received a letter saying that it will go up despite me using so little and currently in credit by £87. Can I lower my DD to £40 please?

Is this because prices are increasing by 18% from November? You might want to think about switching again as tat makes BULB expensive.

Hi there @Lory if it helps you can always change your payments to any amount you like and see your average monthly usage (averaged over a whole year based on your usage, and including our tariff rise) in the payments and statements section of your Bulb account. That average monthly amount is what we use, in combination with your current credit, to recommend a payment amount for you. I should also mention that any of those recommendations can only be as accurate as the information we have, so if we haven’t had any recent readings from you we may be over or underestimating your usage. Just fyi.