Bill increasing, not decreasing following payments!

My balance was just £85.17, having just received our ‘Warm Home Discount’ payment (£140), it has been added to my bill, not removed, making our new balance £225.17! When I look back down the account at earlier payments, the same thing is happening! No wonder they want me to increase my monthly payment, or make an additional payment every month! Can anyone please help me with this? I’ll be in the poor house soon!

Has not been added to your Bill it has been added to your account balance your well in credit, the payment increase is a suggestion for the cold weather it is not mandatory, that suggestion is made to everyone, your that much in credit just leave your payments as they are

As Skippy said, you’re looking at your Bulb balance, like a bank account balance.

If you want to eat into your high credit, reduce your direct debit.

I think it’s the way anything paid has a plus sign next to it, with the balance showing as a normal figure (£225.17), whereas sometimes my balance shows with a minus sign, such as (-£85.17) when I am in credit. That’s what I find confusing. But thank you all for your help.

the + sign means it’s added to their account the - sign means it’s in your account rather than theirs, clear as mud, but it’s available for them to get their little paws on it

This is the difference between positive accounts (“Debit accounts”) that normally maintain a positive balance and typically receive just debits, and negative accounts (“Credit accounts”) that normally maintain a negative balance and usually receive just credits.

It gets confusing because it’s intuitive to get debit and credit the wrong way around. In terms of maths you should think of a debit as adding to an account, while a credit is subtracting from the account.

Your Bulb account is a positive account that is expected to normally contain a positive balance, just like a regular bank account. This means when you pay in to your Bulb account it is positive, and when your energy bills go out they are negative. A positive balance means you have more money available, and a negative balance means you owe money (a situation that is typically not allowed unless you have arranged an overdraft facility).

A “credit card” is a negative account and works the other way around. When you buy something it is a positive transaction, and when you make a payment to the card it is a negative transaction. A positive balances means you owe more money, and a negative balance means you’ve paid off too much and actually have money stored on your credit card (a situation which is typically not allowed). Your Bulb account is not a negative account.

More info here and here, for those that have nothing more exciting to do on a Sunday afternoon than learn abount accounting. Hey, what’s more exciting than learning about stuff? :upside_down_face:

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Watching paint dry perhaps?
I must have been a real walking encyclopedia when I was at school as the teachers kept saying they couldn’t teach me anything, alas this sometimes holds true to this day :upside_down_face:

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Ha! My parents used to say “you’ve got an answer for everything, haven’t you?” and I never understood why that was apparently a bad thing and they were in fact telling me off.

I do agree it is confusing seeing the plus (+) and minus (-) signs in their respective In and Out columns but when it comes to the Balance column only a minus (-) sign is shown.

However if you see _(£85.17) in the Balance column it doesn’t mean you are credit it means you owe Bulb £85.17. However from your very first post I can’t see how you have a minus (-) in front of £85.17,

Yes it is strange! I do all the family accounts and budgeting, bank balances and everything, so you wouldn’t think of me (usually) as an idiot, especially as we no longer go overdrawn now I’m doing that, but there you go, bulb has proven otherwise! They must just have a different way of doing things than my bank I guess? Anyway, thanks to all the people who have commented, as I now have a grasp of the situation. It looked like they had my figures reversed and I was in debit, but I see where I’m at now. Funny though that they keep telling me to increase my payments and pay a ‘top-up’ amount too! There’s nowt so strange as folk!

Just ignore the top up messages especially as you appear to be competent at managing your bills, pretty much all of us get those messages but a few just manage it ourselves on line.

Its nice to see someone trying to understand their situation rather than putting their head in the sand.

How so? My Bulb account, at least, works exactly as I expect a positive account to operate. It works just like any bank account. Payments going into my Bulb account are positive, my balance is positive to indicate there is money available, and bills/statements going out are negative. What am I missing?

I see there are separate “In” and “Out” columns. A negative amount in an “Out” column is technically a double negative making it an “In”. Really you need only one column with signed values, or two columns with unsigned values. Is that were the confusion is coming from? I’ve never really paid any attention to the column headings before.

The way Bulb present their account listing definitely isn’t the same as my bank account.

My bank account has three columns as does Bulb i.e. In, Out and Balance. However there are no + signs anywhere on my Bank account.

Lucky I’m not in a position to be overdrawn but if I was I assume I would see a - sign (or something equivalent to represent the overdrawn position) in the Balance column.

An example is below, I should mention this isn’t from my bank account

Yes, I agree. Using signed values as well as In/Out columns is wrong.

@William_at_Bulb here’s another bug to add to the list of changes to be discussed.