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It’s a small thing, but it is a thing. I’m sorting out my Downloads folder and having to manually investigate files with rubbish names like Invoice-1877697.pdf and Bill08714494_1.pdf. What are they, who do they come from, what period do they cover?

Could Bulb please become user friendly by sending out bills with sensible names? .

Instead of the pointlessly mysterious Bill08714494_1.pdf could bills please have meaningful names, eg Bulb_20190327_Bill08714494_1.pdf. That will sort sensibly, can be easily found and it’s clear what it is. Personally I don’t care about the number at the end but I presume having it as part of the filename matters to someone at Bulb.

To make them sensible I have to to manually rename them, just as I had to do with Electricity-Annual Statement.pdf because the name conflicts with last years version. As it stands the Electricity and Gas files don’t sort next to each other, or anywhere near the bills, so why not Bulb_2019_Electricity-Annual Statement.pdf and Bulb_2019_Gas-Annual Statement.pdf. It can’t be difficult, surely.

So please could we have attachments with names which show
a) your company name first, so files can be found with a simple name search.
b) the date next, so it’s clear what they cover and they index properly.



@“Eleanor at Bulb” One for the wish list :wink:

Hi @corvus

I can certainly look into getting this changed.

We’re currently making changes to our billing platform so we can look into changing the names of the files as part of this. This could be a little while off yet though so I’ll see what can be done in the meantime.

I’ll pop it on to our Open Road Map.

@corvus @phproxy

I’ve had a chat with the team. Changing the naming convention on your statements is easy enough to do. So, we need to decide what to change them to.

Each file needs to have a unique name - combination of numbers and letters.

We can’t have Bulb_2019_Electricity-Annual Statement.pdf or Bulb_YYMMDD.pdf because these are not unique.

What do you think of having Bulb_statement_YYMMDD_uniquecode.pdf

We’re open to other suggestions so let us know if you’d rather have something else.

@“Eleanor at Bulb”


Would be my suggestion…

At present its
Which so far for me anyway the Unique part has always incremented to keep the bills in sequence when saved, but with no date stamp.
Inserting the date between Bill and Unique will guarantee the saving sequence is preserved even if the Unique format is changed. So
would be my choice.

Thanks both. We’ll get on with these changes!

So we’ve been having a think.

Whilst we’re changing the name of the downloadable bills, we should also change other downloadable documents at the same time. We need your suggestions for what we should change the name conventions for the following docs:

  1. Your annual statements (Bulb_Annual_ Statement_YYYYY.pdf?)
  2. Price change letters (Bulb_Price_Change_MMYYYY.pdf?)
  3. Welcome packs (Bulb_Welcome.pdf?)

Let us know your ideas!

Everyone has their own ideas about naming and saving PDFs, DOCs etc.
Whatever system Bulb adopt it will surely only please a small minority - everyone else will rename as now.

So, like most of the promises Bulb has made me over the years, from producing bills that add up to enabling our existing ex-Ovo smartmeters or supplying new ones, this commitment appears to have produced absolutely no result.

utter nonsense

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