Bill seems ridiculously high


I just joined Bulb in August after moving into my new flat. I live on my own, and I’ve been given an estimate of £106 for energy for 21 Oct-21 Nov. This seems very very high for a person living on their own.

Looking at the bill it was split into £25 for electricity and £81 for Gas. Surely this is too high? Now, I’ve been a little slow with my meter readings - my initial reading was taken into account on 21st Sep when the switch was finalised and then I didn’t submit another reading until 9th Nov - this is mentioned on my statement for this month but the amount has still been taken from an estimate.

Could anyone advise me how to resolve this?

As you have said it is an estimate, you must ensure you submit readings a couple of days before they take your dd this will ensure they use actual figures.
Take your last statement and check the readings they have used against your actual meter readings (of today) and see how accurate it is, next month if you get the readings in on time it will self correct.

Bear in mind fuel prices within the industry have rocketed but only you will know if the estimates are in line with what you are using.