Bill to Bulb

I have only just joined Bulb and paid one months bill and they are already talking about putting it up?

Hi there @mavisowens_19 I’m afraid so. This isn’t an increase for you though, we’re emailing every Bulb member today to let them know that they’re going up. We’re sorry we had to raise prices so soon after you have joined. Since we only have one tariff, we have to raise prices for every Bulb member. We gave as much notice as possible so that you have plenty of time to think things over. If you want to leave us, you are more than welcome to and with no exit fees this will not cost you anything. We tried to keep all our members as informed as possible, we emailed all our members last month and all new members since then to let them know about the possibility of a price rise. We’ll try to keep improving.

The notice is helpful, but having joined only as recently as January this year, this is already our second price rise. There’s only ever been three it seems. In your opinion, are rises likely to continue?

Hi @EddieJ I can see it must be a bit aggravating to have two rises one after another. In terms of a third one, it’s really difficult to say. Essentially, if the wholesale price of energy stays the same or drops, then we’ll hopefully be able to drop our prices or at least keep them constant. That all depends on the market, though. At the moment, it’s tricky to see too far ahead.

A pretty large chunk of the price rise comes from rising gas prices, and I believe that some of the problems that have been affecting gas supply recently (to do with the Norwegian gas fields and so on) look like they might be sorted out soon, and the stockpiling of gas for this winter looks like it might be nearly done, so hopefully we’ll see a drop in prices soon. If only biogas was in wider production (and consequently that bit cheaper)! That would make us less dependent on the changing prices from imports. As it is there isn’t much biogas in the UK at the moment (and we’re currently buying about half of it for you guys) so it isn’t having too much of an impact on prices.

I wouldn’t worry about it until it actually takes effect on August 12 and you can manually top up if you’re going in debt. I joined last month and honestly it’s cheap as chips we were paying Eon every 3 months £300+! Keeping in mind it’s estimated. Now we pay what we use around £60+ a month £200 every 3 months and bulb scheduled an electricity meter reading for us and a smart meter fitting!

Hi there @ZenMasterStef delighted to hear you’re enjoying the whole Bulb experience, we do our best to keep things simple and cheap and it’s great to hear it’s working :slight_smile: