I have switched supplier and I am in credit the switch was on the 4 of October I have not heard from bulb and I was informed by my friend that they joined and got £50 referral and I haven’t ?

Hello @Chimp14 ,

When you login to , go to ‘Refer a friend’ and scroll down to ‘My referrals’, do they show up in the ‘Complete’ section (or currently switching)?

If they are under ‘Complete’, then your account should have a £50 credit (under Payments+Statements).

Your direct debit won’t automatically decrease to account for this (you can change it yourself under Payments+Statements) if you want it to.

If the switch isn’t showing up at all, it’s probably best to email Bulb ( see ) with details. It’s possible your friend used someone else’s referral link or the referral just didn’t get correctly logged: with their access to the backend, the Bulb staff should be able to look things up for you.

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