Can I pay my bill with my credit?

Hi @Morgijade1 ,

Yes - in the way all Bulb bills are paid by credit. Your monthly direct debits go into your ‘Account Balance’ (and this is where additional credit items such as referral credits are paid into). The usually a week after your direct debit date, your bill is generated and the appropriate amount is taken from the balance: therefore there is not a direct correlation between the bill amount and the direct debit amount.

If you mean to say, you’ve built up a bit of credit in your Bulb balance then there are a couple of things you can do. You can change you monthly direct debit amount to a lower-than-your-average-bill amount meaning you won’t be paying into the Bulb balance as much so it’ll start eating away at your credit (this can be done via Payments&Statements and clicking the ‘Change monthly payment’ option). This is probably the easiest and quickest option (as you can do it all yourself) and is ideal if you’ve got a credit balance of about a month or two ‘extra’ which you can nibble away at.

Alternatively, if you’ve got at least 2 months ‘credit’ in your account, you can ask Bulb for a refund of the credit amount - see Getting a refund for credit in your account – Bulb .

Finally, you can ask Bulb to suspend payments ( Using referral credit to pay for your energy – Bulb ), however you’ll need to keep on top of submitting meter readings and then remembering to ask them to restart the direct debit otherwise you’ll fall into debit. I personally wouldn’t recommend this option as it’s just a lot of hassle, risky (needing to keep track of dates) and needs you to contact Bulb multiple times